I’d love to help you clear the paper clutter in your home or office and set up a system where you can find what you need, when you need it.

FreedomFiler® is a brilliant, “set it and forget it” filing system designed to help you effortlessly manage the paper in your life. This self-purging system forever eliminates the need to clean out and reorganize your files. And the color-coded tabs tell you how long to keep each item. No more guessing! But wait…. there’s more. All tax-related documents are kept in a separate section, so preparing your tax return is a breeze, for you or your accountant.


Ready to eliminate paper clutter? Choose your preferred level of assistance.

Just Get Me Started – If you have minimal paper clutter or just love organizing, this option is great for you! Includes a 1-hour on-site consultation and a FreedomFiler kit. You provide all other supplies.

Walk Me Through It – The perfect option if you prefer more guidance but would like to do some of the work on your own. Includes a 1-hour on-site consultation, a FreedomFiler kit, start-up supplies and a 5-hour package of organizing sessions.

I Have LOTS of Paper – If you simply hate paper or the project seems insurmountable, this option is for you! Includes a 1-hour on-site consultation, a FreedomFiler kit, all supplies and a 10-hour package of organizing sessions.

To learn more, please contact me.